Australia Decides with Sen. Anning

Australia Decides with Sen. Anning

Let Australian people have a voice


So, what happened to my pension ?…

Steve and Mick Smith liked Group 2 years ago

Anyone have the video that YouTube blocked which Blair Cottrell posted? I want to know his position on these issues.

The Dusty Bogan Is that the unshackled interview 2 years ago
Going full dragon energy

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First thought of the day⁉️
The government are constantly advising us not to judge all muslims on grounds of a few lunatics but at the same time we are...
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Sandy Turner posted a new discussion3 years ago

The Hidden Truth

Facebook canned this footage. Maybe the truth is not meant for that platform......

Australia Decides with Sen. Anning
Super User Australia Decides with Sen. Anning 3 years ago This poll is ended Mar 16 2019 at 08:00 AM

Recently Senator Anning stated that the Australian public have as Plebiscite to decide if Muslims should be banned from immigrating to Australia. Do you agree that:

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