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Cash will become a niche payment sooner than we think and cheques will be phased out, says Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe, as the Federal Government considers imposing tougher penalties on cash economy activity.

On Monday Mr Lowe told the Australian Payments Summit in Sydney that for some decades people have been speculating that we might one day go cashless, and now it could become a reality.

Once the cashless society happens you will no longer need to pay any bills. They will automatically be deducted from your Australian ID balance.

You will be unable to hold garage sales or go to local markets without the gaze of the Australian government knowing your every purchase.

George Orwell's 1984 is fast becoming a reality, with children being indoctrinated in the so called centres of education by way of 'UnSafe Schools Program' sexualising the young and removing God. Karl Marx's doctrine to a T.

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) pushing for smart technology on light poles to use wireless technologies enabling individuals to be identified by their devices mac or IP address's.

Fines of $200 would then be able to be issued to those not paying attention to their surrounds according to the head of the LGAQ's Greg Hallam.

The United Nations will be our un-elected ruler by default as our glorious leaders trip over themselves constantly to do their bidding.

It is all introduced with warm fuzzy advertising, but insipidly removes all privacy and democratic liberties.

The only question remaining is will you be a willing participant or a conscientious objector?

If you vote for the ALP, Greens or LNP you are enabling this transition to a marxist communist country.

Make your vote count next election...

TSB Cultural Marxism has infected every facet of our lives. It has deliberately planted itself in Liberal Party. It is split and it will be 20 years in recovering. Unless all Conservatives work together this country, the Australia we love is finished... Show more 3 years ago
TSB It is 30 seconds to midnight. This country is nearly finished as the wonderful place we grew up in. I am now convinced that nothing short of violence and anarchy can save us. To see filth like Julia Banks laughing at trouble she is causing, blaming... Show more 3 years ago
Sandy Turner
Sandy Turner You are quite correct in your assertions worse luck.

Cultural Marxism is most definitely woven into the fabric of the liberal party.

Conservatives MUST all work together to release the insidious stranglehold this heinous infliction is taking.

As we...
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