The Slateboard is the home of all Conservative Political debate. Why "The Slateboard?" When I started school we were provided with a Slate Board, a chalk and rag to clean it. Still there was one important asset we had. That was teachers who could teach us what we needed to get on in Australia. We actually had school teachers. Sadly, today they are a lost asset. Today the children are taught by Left Wing activists and radicals. They learn little about Australia, our history, our ties to Britain and one of the greatest gifts of all,the Westminister System. 

At Universities it is worse. They have Islamic Faculties, China Faculties but dare not have a Course on Western Civilisation and all that it has provided us. The truth is that not all Cultures are equal. The Western Culture is the best.

So, if we want to take Australia back it starts in schools and Universities. 

Then we will demand that our politicians arrange for plebiscites on the matters of real concern. You will all have items of great concern. I would suggest Islam and the rise of it in Australia. The question is what percentage of Australians want it banned. We will not accept excuses from weak politicians as why this is impossible. It is our country and it can be done. Japan has no trouble doing it. Then immigration in general. Are the numbers just way too high. The school curriculums, get back to teaching what is important. Recently a UN report rated our school children at 49 out of 51 schools. These were grade 4 students and selected subjects. Still it was a real indication. We even came behind Kazakhstan in this study. How could this be. The answer is simple. In Kazakhstan they teach Pythagoras, in our schools they teach penis tucking. Our schools must get back to a curriculum based on our heritage, our values and beliefs. Despite have one of the worlds greatest supplies of coal we have electricity prices equal to the dearest in the world. We need to demand politicians stop subsidies to renewables and support the building of HELE Power Station.  There seems to be a strong belief that  Australia should pull out of Paris Agreement and the United Nations. The politicians like Julie Bishop just laugh in our faces. Only be a cohesive effort can we force the UN party girl, Bishop to listen to our demands. 

Every month there is a new Conservative Political party. It is just too fragmented. For starters we must bring all our thoughts and efforts under one umbrella. This site is not going to advocate which is the best Conservative Party. Hopefully that will just become clear over time. The aim here is to force the politicians to give the people a say and then to act on the wishes of the people.

Like Facebook, the SlateBoard will  open a number of e-commerce stores. The commission on ALL sales will be used to buy half pages in The Australian and other major Newspapers and question the intentions of politicians like Julie Bishop. At least half page articles outlining all the money Bishop has given to islamic countries while our farmers commit suicide, our returned solders live on the streets, our pensioners are too scared to turn on a heater. Just embarrass her and demand plebiscites to hear what the people Australia want. The money belongs to THE TAXPAYERS OF AUSTRALIA AND NOT BISHOP. We will demand a say in how its spent. Just embarrass them into listening and action on our demands. 




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