RACISM CALLED OUT: why are the police chasing with all vigor the three white people that based two white people... when 200 Somalian gangsters... Show more

Dear Pollies with half a Brain,
I am writing to suggest that the climate change mitigation argument in Australian has not been framed correctly.
1) We...
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Stephen Maxwell is friends with TSB

Stephen Maxwell shared 2 photos in the Stream Photos album 3 years ago

Wow look at that wonderful environmentally friendly production of energy,, how much lower is our emissions with the reduction in plant coverage... Show more

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Green Island is a national disgrace and is arguably one of the major causal agents for the fallacy that the reef is dead. Imagine you are an... Show more

The sad thing is we mine coal and send it all over the world yet we look upon it as evil and dirt, so we pay the highest power prices in the world... Show more

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